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Radically different loyalty solution

Merchants win & retain customers on auto-pilot with automated card-linked loyalty campaigns and user insights.


Readily available merchant product

Launch a loyalty system in minutes for any business that accepts card payments. Start rewarding loyal customers directly on their payment card without integrating with POS systems or training staff.

Simple signup

Account creation follows your existing KYC and onboarding processes with no additional integration required

Insights from user transactions

Rich and powerful insights auto-collected from the cardholder module with intuitive and actionable suggestions. 

Auto-suggested campaigns

Campaign suggestions derived entirely from cardholder purchasing patterns, designed to improve user engagement and overall business revenue.

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Powerful insights

A comprehensive set of insights to help manage and understand any business, big or small.

Customer avg. spend & lifetime value

Community broken down by loyalty score

Alerts & customers at risk

Community health & strenght

Campaign suggestions & goals

Customer groups & audiences

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Launch a targetted campaign in seconds

A hyper-targeted and intuitive campaign launcher, allowing businesses to attribute campaigns directly to consumer spending patterns or align them with revenue goals.

End-to-end rewards settlement & accounting via APIs

Our technology generates detailed reward breakdowns and campaign revenue figures, while issuing the necessary payment information and settlement API calls to help manage business relationships with merchants.

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While it's effortless for customers

Cardholders participate and unlock rewards automatically just by paying with their debit or credit card. No extra steps at check-out.

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