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Embed loyalty into your fintech stack

Reloyalty offers ready-made loyalty solutions for card issuers and neobanks

Card linking & Open banking

Contextual & dynamic rewards

Loyalty scoring 

We empower the banks of the future with future-ready loyalty solutions. 

User-focused card issuers understand the level of customer experience required. Rewards and loyalty must be timely, relevant, contextual, and personalized to shopping preferences, offering both tangible and perceived value. Our mission is to empower businesses with cutting-edge technologies that enhance customer engagement and drive transaction growth

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Seamlessly integrate rewards experience in your existing product.

Card issuers and neobanks can integrate loyalty experiences within their mobile applications via seamless APIs, empowering users to effortlessly find, view, and claim rewards from merchants where they make card purchases.

Working with merchants?
Close the loop and empower them too!

A merchant module for your merchant base helps them understand card user behavior through an intuitive dashboard. Empower merchants with insights into the health of their customer community and provide them with the tools to create targeted loyalty campaigns.

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Our Offerings

At Reloyalty, we offer a comprehensive suite of loyalty solutions designed to meet the diverse needs of modern issuers. Our solutions are built to seamlessly integrate with any card issuer, open banking platform, and your existing interfaces, providing an end-to-end experience for consumers, merchants and partner issuers.

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Transaction analysis & loyalty scoring

Our engine analyzes all current and past transactions to build a comprehensive user profile with an accurate loyalty score for any merchant where purchases have been made. Our scoring model includes relevant data points such as frequency of spending, amount, recency, share of wallet, category preferences, and more.

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Merchant matching & dynamic rewards

User profiles are matched to thousands of merchants in our database, presenting users with offers from merchants they already love and have high loyalty scores with. Rewards are dynamically calculated for each user and merchant based on the individual customer profile and transaction pattern.

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Contextual triggers & gradual user activation

Users are guided through a relevant and personalized loyalty and rewards experience from the moment they receive their first card until it becomes their preferred payment method. We continuously analyze shopping patterns to show users timely and relevant loyalty and rewards, driving engagement and transaction growth

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Seamless APIs for all your interfaces

Whether you want to embed loyalty into your existing banking app or launch a separate rewards app, we deliver the loyalty experience via seamless APIs. We also enhance your merchant, analytics, and internal dashboards, ensuring consistent loyalty capabilities across all your platforms.

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Manage an entire loyalty & reward ecosystem. Effortlessly.

Our loyalty technology enables issuers and banks to develop an end-to-end reward ecosystem, managing desired engagement for their user and merchant base and seamlessly tracking performance.

Customizable campaigns

Target audiences

Analytics & KPIs

We enhance the global fintech stack by vertically integrating loyalty into the payment flow.

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